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CareerSolution outplacement services is part of the dutch outplacement agency CareerSolution.

Outplacement is offered when an employment contract is terminated, providing the employee the opportunity to find a new suitable job.

CareerSolution offers outplacement services that help clients determine their professional objective, develop effective communication tools for job promotion, and create a strategic job search plan to secure new employment quickly.

Our outplacement services consists of several parts that will be adjusted to the specific situation of the client.

CareerSolution outplacement services is part of the dutch outplacement agency CareerSolution.

CareerSolution outplacement services is part of the dutch outplacement agency CareerSolution.


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What do outplacement services offer?

Career review and analysis helps identify strengths, areas for improvement, and strategic career development opportunities.

Marketing tools effectively enhance communication with employers, promoting your skills and value in the job market.

Tests and training enhance skills, assess knowledge, and prepare individuals for career advancement and new opportunities.

(On-line) job searching provides access to numerous opportunities, allowing individuals to efficiently find suitable positions.

Networking fosters valuable professional connections, opening doors to new opportunities and career growth.

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Why use Outplacement services?

Outplacement provides a focus for clients who are being made redundant. The finality can be a disappointment. By providing clients immediate outplacement services, clients get help in finding a new career perspective.

Outplacement services empower laid-off employees to transition more quickly to the next stage of their careers. They get the tools to define their passions, direct their next steps, and become hired again typically sooner than if outplacement was not provided.

Outplacement coaching is invaluable, especially for people who didn’t apply for a job in a while. In that case it’s more than likely they’re not up on the latest job search trends, don’t are aware the importance of LinkedIn and so on.

Outplacement speeds up the job search process and good outplacement also supports those with more difficult transitions.

No cost to employees. When people lose their jobs, reduced income is a main concern. Fortunately, outplacement services are complimentary to employees. Employers pay for these services.

Providing structure is important. Getting your resume out is not the first step of a smart job search. Those that take the time to assess their direction and create a robust list of targets are going to be in better shape.

Resume and profile coaching. Finding the voice of your resume is a lot easier when there is clarity on your targets..

Interview preparation. Interviewing for a new job can be nerve-racking. Outplacement coaches help people prepare by going over answers to common and difficult questions.

Career insight. Losing a job might be the impetus for career change. If people want to shift focus, outplacement services are able to help them learn more about their talents and passions so they can confidently choose the right career path.

Networking advice. Everyone knows networking is a key component of getting a new job, but how exactly do you do it? Outplacement services offer guidance, embracing the most effective networking strategies.

Positive reinforcement. Losing your job can make people feel anxious. A job search that drags out can make them feel depressed. Outplacement services are like having a best friend who is always there as a sounding board to help people vent concerns and then give you a boost of positive feedback.

How you can benefit when using outplacement

Outplacement services make a difficult transition easier and less stressful for both the displaced employee and HR leaders.

While there are many companies offering outplacement services, it is important to know what to look for when picking an effective outplacement partner.

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